Cast of Wonders is a young adult short fiction market, open to story submissions up to 6,000 words in length.

Our submission guidelines are both lengthy and  extensive, with lots of examples. Currently roughly 10% of the work we receive is rejected unread due to easily corrected mistakes. To avoid disappointment be sure to fully familiarize yourself with the guidelines before sending your work. 


By sending us your story you understand and agree that:

  1. You are the original creator of the work submitted to us;
  2. You are the copyright holder of the work;
  3. You are not prohibited by any prior agreement from the transfer of non-exclusive print and audio rights to the work;
  4. All information in the contact and cover sections of your submission is accurate and truthful; and
  5. You accept sole responsibility for any false statements or encumbrances upon rights not disclosed to us, including withdrawal of contract offer.
  6. If you are under the age of 18, your parent or guardian will sign your contract and accept your payment on your behalf.

Oppression wants to cover our lives in a blanket of darkness, but each small act of resistance, each defiant moment of hope, brings light to our shared spaces.

September 22 to September 28 is Banned Books Week, an annual international event celebrating the freedom to read and raising awareness of the immense social value of free and open access to information.

Our 2019 theme is Censorship Leaves Us in the Dark. Turn the Light On! Cast of Wonders is continuing its tradition of holding a specific submission call for YA fiction to air that week. Please bring us your light!

What We’re Looking For

Sunshine is the best disinfectant, as the saying goes, and stories are like sunshine for the soul.

We want to see stories of hope and warmth, but we’re also open to stories that might not have happy endings. Sometimes the light of day is harsh, and sometimes we need that harshness to better see the truth. We’re looking for clarity, hope, light, resistance, and love. Religious and political themes are welcome, though we’re not looking for anything preachy or dogmatic. We’re open as far as genre and tone go. Just give us your truth.

The Details

Our regular submission guidelines will apply to this themed event. Please also note the points highlighted below. We have a strong desire to showcase the work of authors under 18, and take our diversity pledge seriously. Nothing would make us happier than to showcase an entire week’s worth of fiction from these groups!

  • #ReadTheGuidelines
  • We’re a YA podcast, and choose not to feature stories which include explicit and gratuitous violence, language and sexual content. If you wouldn’t give your story to a teenager to read, it doesn’t belong in our slush pile.
  • The “What We’re NOT Looking For” section of our guidelines absolutely apply. Submissions showcasing these elements will be rejected.
  • Manuscripts should continue to be submitted anonymously; you can find an example manuscript here. Authors are encouraged to identify where a story is #ownvoices.
  • Original and reprint fiction are welcome.
  • No multiple submissions. Only one story may be submitted per author. Multiple entries received from the same author, regardless of length, will result in all stories being rejected unread.
  • Simultaneous submissions are accepted. We anticipate completing our selections no later than July 1st.
  • Stories will be paid at EA standard rates — $0.06/word for original fiction, $100/$20 for reprint short/flash fiction, and use our standard contract. Cast of Wonders is a SFWA Qualified market.
  • Don’t self­-reject. If in doubt, please send us your story!

Please query guest editor Julia Rios if you have any questions on the above before you submit. If in doubt, ask, and make sure you ask in time to receive a response! Extensions won’t be granted for pending queries. 

We are not currently accepting general auditions. Please do not upload unsolicited auditions or stories to this portal, they will not be reviewed.

This is the portal for submitting your completed narration or guest host spot. The form will also ask for your biography details to run with the episode, including an optional photo. Should you wish to update your details at any time, please get in touch with the editor directly.

Cast of Wonders